About Us

Credit solvers is Australia’s trusted solution for solving your credit related problems. We utilise a variety of ethical methods to help repair your credit and get your life back on track, helping you bounce back.

Over the thousands of cases that we’ve handled for clients, we’ve found that we can consistently achieve a high rate of success which has helped us become one of the fastest growing credit repair agencies in Australia.

Our Managing Director is passionate about helping Australians get back on their feet. Most of our clients learn about us once they’ve found that they’ve been rejected for a loan for their car, home or dream boat because of a black mark that was either unfairly placed, or is so old and irrelevant.

Our logo

Our logo is a bouncy ball because that’s what we help our clients do. Bounce back from bad credit. We strongly believe that nobody deserves to be bogged down by old debt, and that’s why we work with creditors and with the credit reporting agencies to remove the black marks against our clients where possible.


Our Mission

“Credit Solvers – Help educate people so they can take control of their financial lives and move on from bad credit.”



Our Values

– Honesty. We are open and transparent with our process and how we repair our clients credit.
– Affordability. We understand our clients sometimes can be vulnerable or in a position of stress, so we aim to keep our fees reasonable.
– Accountability. We’re always open to feedback.